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Seeing Double


Tangible Alarm (2013) by Victor Johansson

Using NFC-technology this Tangible Alarm clock eliminates the need for touch screen interaction in the morning. By just placing your phone on the solid oak piece you can activate the alarm, snooze the alarm and of course turn it off.


Self-taught Alaskan sculptor Lee Cross, known professionally as Wood Splitter Lee, creates incredible one of a kind fantasy creatures that are so remarkably lifelike they verge on creepy, which is just one of the things that makes them so awesome. All of Lee’s creatures are completely made by hand without the use of and patterns, molds or casts. Their bodies contain articulated skeletons wrapped with stuffing, making them very soft to handle and fully posable. They’re decorated with carefully hand-applied synthetic fur and paint. As you can see from these photos, some of Lee’s creatures are more fantastic in nature than others, but they’re all amazing to behold.

Lee’s creatures are available for purchase through weekly Auction Adoptions held on eBay.

To check out more of her phenomenal handmade creatures, visit Wood Splitter Lee’s DeviantArt gallery.

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Tassia Bianchini | Tumblr
Dance, 2013

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Watch me play The Sims 2!


On Society 6


The video for Gaga and Tony Bennett’s debut single, ‘Anything Goes’, a Cole Porter classic, is now available on Gaga’s VEVO channel!

This bitch is killing me with her surprise release.

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The best $100 you could spend on anything. Who wouldn’t want a duvet cover that says reductive?

Some random art


Amanda Ferri, Tumblr expert.

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how can I earn this title?

sitting in the computer chair I got for free on the side of the road.