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my college blocked craigslist on their network



Let me show you how much better my life is than yours, by posting on instagram
mah hair is blinding ya’ll


what?????? since when did sports start using amazing visuals?? AMAZING!!!

The Dark Knight Rises


As part of a tour put on by an organization called The Mystical Arts of Tibet, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India recently visited the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas. They were there for a weeklong residency during which they constructed this magnificent Tantric Buddhist mandala sandpainting.

The monks will spend up to eight hours a day working together on one of their sandpaintings. The process starts with an opening ceremony and the consecration of work site.

Each work begins as a drawing, the outline of the mandala. Then, colored sand is poured from traditional metal funnels called chak-purs. Each monk holds a chak-pur in one hand, while running a metal rod on its grated surface; the vibration causes the sands to flow like liquid.

Once the sandpainting has been completed it is ceremoniously destroyed using a ritual vajra.

"The sands are swept up and placed in an urn; to fulfill the function of healing, half is distributed to the audience at the closing ceremony, while the remainder is carried to a nearby body of water, where it is deposited. The waters then carry the healing blessing to the ocean, and from there it spreads throughout the world for planetary healing."

Click here to learn more about The Mystical Arts of Tibet

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Park Avenue Shaving Razor: A cooling effect

Advertising Agency: Publicis Communications, Mumbai, India



Runways from A/W 2014 - Womens Fashion Week

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Chanel
3. Christian Dior
4. Givenchy
5. Gucci
6. Peter Pilotto
7. Roberto Cavalli
8. Rodarte
9. Tommy Hilfiger
10. Versace


Bleaching my hair for the 4th time, listening to Bowie, and painting in Photoshop.

Obama Spends Another Night Searching Behind White House Paintings For Safes


Graphic designer, web wizard and motiongrapher Gustavo Torres was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977.

I’ve studied traditional since i was a little boy, then i grow up discovering the earliers computers like Dynacom, Scpectrum, Commodore. I’ve started to mix all my knowledge and learning software since 2001. So i can say my work is a real mixture between the real handcraft world with the digital world.

His style is eclectic, old school mixed with the new digital technologies. Check out his work at  Tumblr I Twitter 


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